Come visit us!

At the Fremont Sunday Market in Seattle, WA. Read more

Come visit us!

Hello. We're favornature...

What’s favornature, you ask?


It’s an all natural skin care range that’s great for your skin, and looks and smells delicious too!


We're passionate about skin care, which means we use the most natural, skin-kind ingredients possible in each and every one of our products. All of our products are made by hand right here in Seattle, using little or no preservatives. We strive to use only ingredients that are kind and gentle on... Read more

Store design improvements

A new store design was just published to provide a better user experience for our awesome shoppers—that's you! Let us know what you think via twitter or our facebook page.... Read more

An awesome moisturizer in R&D

Our first moisturizer may be out as soon as January 2013. We have put a lot of research and development time in this past month. Our goal is to make... Read more

Coming to Fremont Sunday Market in Seattle, November 25th

We're excited to be selling at Fremont Sunday Market this Sunday, November 25th. Come join us if you're in the Seattle area! Read more